TAB or ENTER when using datasheet


in using 3D when entering data into nodes or members - would be helpful if either the TAB key or the ENTER key would take you to the first blank cell on the next row, instead of just going to same cell in next row


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Hey Robert. Thanks for your request. I suppose the current datasheet functionality aims to work like Excel:

ENTER = go down
SHIFT + ENTER = go up
TAB = go right
SHIFT + TAB = go left

HOME = goes to first cell in the row
END = goes to last cell in the row
PG UP = goes to first row (stays on current column)
PG DOWN = goes to last row (stays on current column)

Potentially ENTER could go down and if the cell has a value then stay there, otherwise it could find the first empty cell in the row. We'll see if this gets upvoted more.